Backstage at Mamma Mia!

Posted on June 1st, 2012

Hi DSM Fans!

I wanted to share with you some interesting facts about backstage for Mamma Mia! A special thank you to one of our awesome interns Luke for getting all this info for you all to enjoy!


That each actor/actress goes through at least 4 to 6 costume changes in one show.

That most broadway actors come 30 minutes before the show starts and that is called half hour.

Backstage there is an area that is directly focused to stretching and yoga, to warm up their bodies for their performances.

That every lead role has two under studies and that every role in the musical is backed up by someone else.

The actors know every line of the musical, because they never know when they have to fill in for each other.

Whenever the ensemble is not on stage, they sing in sound booths on each side of the stage for background vocals.

On a national tour, it takes the crew 6 to 8 hours to set up the stage in every city that they go to and it starts the day of the opening show…impressive.

The cast flies everywhere unless the next city is 4 hours or less, then they drive in a bus.

For Mamma Mia costumes there are crews that clean, iron and sew things everyday so that each costume is fresh for each show.

That every lead principal has a person behind stage that is on the wings of the stage just for costume changes.

Mamma Mia! is on stage here in Dallas ONLY through Sunday! Check out for more details! Don’t miss this great show while it’s here!

-DSM Amanda