Box Office and Ticketing

Box Office

The physical Box Office at the Music Hall at Fair Park opens 2 hours before a show begins and closes one hour after that show starts. To reach a Box Office employee while closed, email Monday-Friday, 10am through 5pm.

Call our service center:

Questions Related to Tickets:
Season Subscriber Hotline: 1.866.276.4884
Ticketmaster Customer Support: 1.800.653.8000
(Hours Monday-Friday: 10 AM – 5 PM)
Ticket Sales are available 24/7 online

Contact Us After Normal Business Hours:
Tuesday-Friday 5 – 8 PM
Saturday and Sunday 11 AM – 2PM & 5 – 8 PM
After Hours Hotline (Broadway Only): 469.687.4626

Ticket Donation Requests
Due to the amount of donation tickets requests, we can’t guarantee all requests can be fulfilled. Please email Dara Pamplin at with your request.

Music hall seating charts

Find out where you will sit before you get there.


We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the show. That’s why we offer a variety of accessibility options, including wheelchair accessibility, sensory inclusive resources, and ASL interpretations.

Official Ticketing Outlets

When purchasing tickets to any Broadway Dallas event, customers should be advised to use only the options listed above—buying through Broadway Dallas or Ticketmaster.

Neither Broadway Dallas nor Ticketmaster can guarantee the authenticity of tickets bought from any other reseller (such as brokers or individuals).

Counterfeit Ticket Warning: Currently there are some scalpers, also known as “second party vendors,” selling tickets online at a rate more than double the standard price. Their websites look official and offer Broadway Dallas tickets, however tickets bought on those sites could be fraudulent and you could be refused admission.


If you choose to buy Broadway Dallas tickets from an alternative source, there are a few instances that may occur:

  • The tickets could not be valid and would not allow you access to the show
  • Tickets could be doubled in price or more
  • In case of a time change or cancellation, we have no way to let you know
  • If you lose your tickets, they can’t be replaced by Broadway Dallas.

Broadway Dallas encourages customers to purchase tickets directly through our website at

Broadway Dallas and Broadway Across America do not support the reselling of our tickets at price above the printed face value. Your use of this website and your purchase of tickets through our Group Sales facilities constitutes your acceptance of the following terms and conditions without limitation, qualification or change, and you consent to be bound by such terms and conditions. You represent and warrant that the tickets you receive will not be resold to individuals above the face value, unless you meet all of the following conditions: (i) you are a tour operator, authorized concierge service company, travel agent or other authorized wholesale travel industry partner of the Company that (ii) packages the tickets with hotel reservations, transportation arrangements or other travel amenities, and (iii) such packages include substantial value to each purchaser thereof above and beyond the rights and access provided by the ticket alone. Broadway Dallas and Broadway Across America each reserves the right to refuse service to any person or entity that resells any group sales tickets for profit in the secondary marketplace. If Broadway Dallas or Broadway Across America discovers that tickets sold as part of a group order have been resold individually at a profit or otherwise in violation of the conditions described above, each entity reserves the right to revoke your group benefits at any time, including but not limited to rights to buy tickets, group discounts, payment plans, complimentary ticket policies and priority seating privileges, and subject to applicable law, we may also revoke Group Sales tickets.