All In A Day's Work – Day 4 at NHSMTA 2013

Posted on June 30th, 2013

Good afternoon DSM Fans!

Yesterday was Day 4 in NYC at the National High School Musical Theatre Awards for Cameron and Dakota. It was a full day full of surprises, stress, and so much fun! Check out what they had to say about their day yesterday below!


Today started off a little scary when we had to sing our solo songs in front of all of the other nominees. It was amazing witnessing so much talent in one room, and after a while it wasn’t stressful.

Via Cameron: Little Dakota performing her solo!

After that we worked on cleaning up our medleys, and I had the chance to really get to know the other girls I was working with. Once we cleaned up all of the medleys we finished staging the opening number. It has turned out to be pretty fantastic, and it gets more and more exciting each time we go through it. When we finished for the day we stopped for some frozen yogurt and headed back to Founder’s Hall. Only one more day of rehearsal before the show!

We stopped for frozen yogurt on the way back to the dorms (Cameron got French toast flavored)

We stopped for frozen yogurt on the way back to the dorms (Cameron got French toast flavored)


Today was full of pleasant surprises! The first pleasant surprise was bumping into Corey Cott, star of Newsies, after dinner at Tisch. I got to have a nice little chat with him and snapped a picture.

Cameron and Corey Cott, currently starring in Newsies on Broadway!

The second was getting out at 9:00 tonight to catch up on some sleep. We started the day by watching everyone’s solo performances, and each nominee is clearly here for a reason–the talent is remarkable. But I’d say that Dakota and I are holding our own! Next we finished choreographing our medley and moved straight into finalizing the opening number. Thus, everything except the finale is blocked! Hooray! Tomorrow we’ll be performing our solos for the judges and that performance, as well as how we do in our medleys, will decide the top 3 male and top 3 female performers. Those 6 will be announced at the show on Monday and they’ll sing their solo again on the Minskoff stage. The top performers will be picked off one by one (apparently) until the best actor and actress are left. Let’s hope Dakota and I get to do a solo performance on Broadway!

Nominees are fed right! ;)

The Empire State Building lit up in rainbow colors! Cameron says he can see it from our room!

Today is Day 5 for Cameron, Dakota, and the other ladies and gents who are competing in the National HSMTA! Tomorrow is The Jimmys, and they are going to have a fun filled day of rehearsal for the show today, and most importantly, they perform their solos in front of the judges this afternoon. We’re rooting hard for you Dakota and Cameron! We wish you the best of luck tomorrow, and can’t wait to hear about your day today!

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Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

-DSM Amanda