FROM THE BACK ROW: I didn't know I'd LOVE it

Posted on February 19th, 2013

Hey DSM Fans!

 Growing up, theatre was the last thing on my mind.  I’m one of three boys so I spent my time roughhousing with my brothers and playing sports. Needless to say, there were no showtunes playing in my house.  I wasn’t introduced to musical theatre until my junior year of high school when I saw WICKED in New York City.  Going into WICKED I had no idea what I was embarking on, and by the end of the show I was blown away by the intricate set, familiar story line and especially the musical talent.  To be honest, I was shocked that I enjoyed the experience as much as I did.  From then on I was a little more open to the idea of musical theatre.

 On my very first day at DSM I was asked to make some calls regarding ticket sales for MEMPHIS the musical.  Before that day, I had never even heard of MEMPHIS and I definitely had no idea how much it would impact my life.  I saw the show opening night and I was blown away once again by the impeccable dancing, the authentic sets and most importantly the charm and talent of the leading actress. I went home that night and just had to buy the entire soundtrack. Two days later I saw the show again, twice in one day, and by the end of that night I knew all the words to each song. When the show came back to Ft. Worth earlier this month I went and saw it again, I think obsessed was an understatement at that moment for me. This was the way I felt when I saw CATCH ME IF YOU CAN. I went in not knowing what to expect and left the show wanting more.


Me with Bryan Fenkart (Huey) from Memphis the Musical.

 We are in the middle of our second week of CATCH ME IF YOU CAN and I highly recommend coming to see the show!  It’s a show that everyone can love and appreciate. CATCH ME IF YOU CAN is smart, clever and without a doubt the most fun you will have all year. Broadway has finally established a show that men of all ages can take pleasure in and maybe by the end of the show, you will see your life in living color.

 So remember not to let the words “musical theatre” scare you. If I hadn’t taken a risk seeing WICKED, I probably wouldn’t be where I am today and working in this industry. I am still that guy’s guy who is obsessed with sports, but there will always be a place in my heart for musical theatre. Let’s just say I have been “changed for the better”.

 -DSM Luke