Posted on August 7th, 2012

When the Cathy Rigby is PETER PAN tour stopped in Dallas, Haley and I had the distinct privilege to sit down with actor Brent Barrett who plays the mischievous Captain Hook. He not only gave us all the details on the show but on the iconic character as well. Needless to say it was quite an adventure listening to all the incredible things going on within this show and now it is time for the DSM fans to learn more about Brent Barrett and this remarkable show.

 Where did you go to college? Started at Fort Hayes State University, but transferred to Carnegie Mellon University

You opened Phantom: The Las Vegas Spectacular, starring in the title role for two years.  What’s it like to perform for Vegas audiences?

It’s great, it’s funny…  Everyone is sitting out in the audience with their sippy-cups or their really tall drinks [the drinks people buy out on the strip].  The production was so elaborate it was amazing to be a part of it.

*Boris [Brent’s dog] runs in*

What is your dream role / show to perform in?

I’d still really like to do Man of La Mancha

 We love you as Captain Hook, was there any specific inspiration for your take on such an iconic character?

Well, I just did Hannibal Lectorbefore this, so I think it was a progression [laughing]

Who is your Favorite director that you have ever worked with?  Michael Blakemore – Kiss Me Kate

 What’s it like to be terrified of a ticking crocodile?

Oh it’s silly and fun, so much fun.

*Boris is curled up asleep on the couch*

What made you want to be an actor?

Growing up in Kansas, I didn’t even know you could be an actor as a profession.  One night, the Ed Sullivan Show was on.  Julie Andrews and Robert Goulet were singing selections from Camelot, and I think that’s when I knew.  My aunt also owned a movie theater so I got to see movies all the time.


Pictured above are Brent Barrett and his dog Boris doing tricks in the auditorium.

 Brent and Boris were an absolute blast to hang out with and we were so thrilled for the opportunity to meet and chat with such an amazing actor. Have a great day DSM fans!!!

-DSM Luke