FROM THE BACK ROW: A Perfect Pugsley

Posted on October 19th, 2012

Hey DSM Fans!

13-year-old Cleveland native, Patrick D. Kennedy, is just a normal kid who happens to be part of the National Touring cast of THE ADDAMS FAMILY. As the not-so-normal Pugsley Addams, Patrick gets to play with explosives, embrace an iguana and enjoy the Addams’ torture rack on a nightly basis!  In his dressing room, Patrick shows us Pugsley’s cigar and receives a quick visit from Pippa Pearthree still sporting her Grandma Addams makeup.  He’s practically Pugsley’s angelic alter-ego.  Attentive and sincere, Patrick is nothing short of professional both onstage and off.

Haley and Patrick D. Kennedy

Haley: How old were you when you started performing?

Patrick: I guess I got my start when I was about 8, in a high school production of LES MISÉRABLES.

H: I heard your sister recommended you for the part, is that true?

P: I guess… I don’t know, I just went in to audition! They were already in rehearsals and stuff and I was sitting on the couch watching TV and she was like, “Patrick you’re gonna audition for a musical.”  She knew I liked to sing by myself, but I didn’t like singing in front of people.

H: So the audition was your first time to sing in front of people, was it scary?

P: At first.  But then I realized you can’t see anyone because the lights are so bright!

H: Do you have a favorite part of your show, THE ADDAMS FAMILY?

P: There’s a scene in the beginning of the show when I’m on a torture rack and Cortney Wolfson who plays Wednesday is singing a song called “Pulled” about how her new boyfriend is pulling her into a new direction but she’s not sure if she likes it or if her family can accept it. So during the whole thing when she sings “pulled” she pulls a lever, and my arms and my legs get stretched out.

H: And how exactly does that work?

P: There’s a bicycle seat.  I’ll be sitting on the bicycle seat and my arms and legs are attached to the chains and the chains have weights on the back, so as soon as I move my arms a bit, the weights just take over.  And the weights aren’t that heavy they’re just heavy enough to move my arms and then I can pull them back in.


H: I’ve noticed that your song, “What If” is kind of a crowd favorite. What’s it like to be onstage all alone singing that beautiful song?

P: I think it’s strange, but it’s really fun because my character is singing about IF his sister will ever torture him again. And then half way through he realizes that he can do all that stuff himself, but it wouldn’t be the same without his sister.

H: And you have sisters, so you understand…

P: Yes, I have three older sisters.


H: I know you like basketball- if you could play in the NBA, what team would you play for?

P: Cleveland Cavaliers


H: Have you been across the street to the State Fair of Texas yet?

P: I went to get a Fletcher’s Corn Dog.  It was good.  There was a big, huge line for it though! And I ate some fried food- try the fried smores!


H: What’s the most played song on your iPod right now?

P: Umm… I have nothing but musicals on my iPod!

H: Do you have a favorite soundtrack at the moment?


H: BONNIE AND CLYDE is my favorite right now too, so we have that in common!

Do you have a dream role?

P: There’s a lot!  BOOK OF MORMON, maybe…  playing Elder Price – that would be fun.  Or maybe something in BIG.


H: Do you have any idols or role models?

P: I guess some of the [Addams Family] cast members because of their previous history with shows.

H: I bet you learn a lot from them…

P: Oh yes.


H: Do you have any pre-show rituals?

P: I have handshakes with people before the show.  And Blake Hammond, who plays Uncle Fester, he teaches me stage fighting.  So before every show we fake-slap each other.  And Pippa Pearthree and I try to scare each other… the score now is 7-me 4 ½ -her.


H: Okay, I have to ask… Were YOU in the “Being Part of Newsies” video? Because I love that video!

P: Yes, I was.  That was all done by Jonathan Ritter and Victoria Huston-Elem. They started it when the tour first opened in November and they came up with the idea because when we were in New York rehearsing, the cast of NEWSIES was rehearsing downstairs from us and so we got to know them. That was so much fun to do!  The main part of it that was set backstage was done at the Kennedy Center because we were there for three weeks.  And other parts were shot in Atlanta and Pittsburgh so parts of it were shot all over and pulled together in the video. It took a lot of organizing!


H: And finally, do you have any advice for young actors looking to follow in your Broadway footsteps?

P: Just try! There’s always a chance at everything.  Just do your best, you never know what’s gonna happen.

 THE ADDAMS FAMILY is on stage now through October 21st!

-DSM Haley