DSM presents "Battle of the Broadway Musicals '09"

Posted on August 31st, 2009

by Steven Hall
Webmaster, DSM





NOW – SEPTEMBER 4 Voting 10 A.M. – 10 P.M. Daily

Currently on Battle 11 of 15 (Round 2)

For 15 days, we are pitting one Broadway musical against another Broadway musical, 1 battle per day, and letting our Facebook fans vote the daily winner until, after 4 rounds of historic musical battles, we will crown the 2009 “Best All-Time Musical”!



We’ve chosen 16 Broadway musicals to battle each other.Each was chosen for a combination of the number of awards won, combined with the longest runs on “The Great White Way” — BROADWAY.

1 Broadway musical will be voted the best of all time … and one lucky contestant will win*:

>4 tickets to attend MARY POPPINS

>Dinner for 4 at “Dining at the Music Hall”

>A show poster from this season, signed by the show’s cast

>A CD from one of this season’s shows

>Backstage tour for MARY POPPINS


While it’s too late to turn in a contest bracket — it’s NOT too late to join the 100’s of fans voting their choice of winner, each weekday en route to crowning the 2009 Champion! To vote go to www.facebook.com/dallassummermusicals


Read all of the details about the contest and daily battles here!




* After The Championship has concluded September 4th, the person whose bracket has scored the most points will win the MARY POPPINS package!* The winner* will be announced on Facebook once office personnel have had a chance to tally all of the points on each bracket form and determine a winner! In the event multiple people have the same identical high-score, the contest winner will be determined by choosing, from that group of same-score brackets, the individual who correctly predicted the most battles. In the event a tie still exists at that point, a winner will be selected, from those remaining in the tie, by our company President. Brackets not filled out completely will not be considered.