Dear Evan Hansen – FAQ

Posted on September 5th, 2019

DEAR EVAN HANSEN  is presented by Dallas Summer Musicals November 26 – December 8, 2019


Tickets for Dear Evan Hansen go on-sale on Monday, September 16, 2019 at 10 a.m. This list of frequently asked questions will help you prepare and outlines your best chance at obtaining tickets.


Prepare: Before September 16 FAQ

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[bs_citem title=”When do Dear Evan Hansen tickets go on sale?” id=”citem_72df-bb21″ parent=”collapse_af2d-446c”]

There will be an exclusive on-sale Monday, September 16, 2019 beginning at 10 a.m.


[bs_citem title=”What is an ‘exclusive on-sale?” id=”citem_6360-710a” parent=”collapse_af2d-446c”]

Due to unprecedented demand and a high number of Dallas Summer Musicals subscribers, tickets are expected to sell quickly. 


A special access link will be sent to Dallas Summer Musicals email subscribers on Monday, September 16, 2019 at 10 a.m. 


[bs_citem title=”What is the best way to purchase tickets to Dear Evan Hansen?” id=”citem_5bd7-604e” parent=”collapse_af2d-446c]

Patrons are encouraged to sign up for Dallas Summer Musicals’ email list on or before Sunday, September 15, which will be the main channel for distributing information about the Dear Evan Hansen exclusive on-sale, including a special access link. To sign up, visit




Day of September 16 On Sale FAQ

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[bs_citem title=”When will I receive my on-sale access link? ” id=”citem_d2e5-2753″ parent=”collapse_6bd5-bc30″]

If you are subscribed to the Dallas Summer Musicals email list on or before Sunday, September 15, you will receive an exclusive on-sale link on Monday, September 16, 2019.


[bs_citem title=”How do I purchase tickets?” id=”citem_8d82-0cc0″ parent=”collapse_6bd5-bc30″]

Remember, if you purchase from any source other than, we cannot guarantee your tickets. A confirmation will be sent to the email address on file. The credit card used to purchase tickets online and a valid ID are required when picking up will call tickets. Please keep in mind: 

  • Create an account ahead of time

    You will need to create a Dallas Summer Musicals account in order to purchase tickets online. We recommend you create or update your existing account prior to September 16.
  • Enter the website and find your tickets

    There is a maximum purchase limit of eight (8) tickets per household. Once you have tickets in your cart, you will have twenty (20) minutes to purchase those seats. You will only be allowed to make one transaction, so please add all tickets to your cart before entering your payment information and checking out. You will be asked to log in with your Dallas Summer Musicals account before completing your transaction. Please create or update your eNotes account in and ensure that you know your password.


[bs_citem title=”How many tickets can be purchased?” id=”citem_12f0-8396″ parent=”collapse_6bd5-bc30″]

There will be a ticket limit of eight (8) tickets per household. Any ticket purchases that are detected to be purchases from potential brokers, patrons creating multiple accounts, or any action that indicates a purchase in excess of the eight (8) ticket limit may be cancelled without consideration.


[bs_citem title=”How much do tickets cost?” id=”citem_6c48-5a20″ parent=”collapse_6bd5-bc30″]

Visit for pricing on any available tickets.




What if tickets become sold out?

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[bs_citem title=”Will more tickets be released later?” id=”citem_61d5-1212″ parent=”collapse_434f-eeaf”]

A limited number of tickets per performance will be available through the Dear Evan Hansen ticket lottery. 


[bs_citem title=”How to Enter” id=”citem_03da-7c69″ parent=”collapse_434f-eeaf”]

  • Enter at
  • A limited number of $25 tickets will be available per performance
  • The digital lottery will begin accepting entries 48 hours prior to the first performance and entries will be accepted until 9 a.m. local time the day before the performance
  • Fans who have been selected will be notified daily via email and can then purchase up to two (2) tickets at $25 each
  • The ticket lottery will continue on a rolling basis for every performance in the engagement.


[bs_citem title=”Rules” id=”citem_8e84-c98b” parent=”collapse_434f-eeaf”]

All entrants are encouraged to follow Dear Evan Hansen on Instagram (@dearevanhansen), Twitter (@dearevanhansen), and Facebook (@DearEvanHansen) for additional lottery news and information. 

Lottery entrants must be 18 years or older. A valid, non-expired photo ID that matches the name used to enter is required for pickup. Seat locations awarded by the lottery are subject to availability. Additional details and times will be announced in each tour city by the local theatre box office prior to the engagement. Additional lottery requirements can be found at


[bs_citem title=”How is it possible that there are tickets on secondary ticket sites and that they are so outrageously priced?” id=”citem_7f63-3bed” parent=”collapse_434f-eeaf”]

If you see ticket prices exceeding the $165 level at the on sale, they are most likely coming from an unauthorized reseller source and may not be a valid ticket. is the only official online ticket source for Dallas Summer Musicals tickets. We make every effort to sell directly to consumers so that our guests receive the best seats at the best price and the best customer service. We are dedicated to keeping tickets out of the hands of resellers by investing in technology that thwarts ticketing bots, employing legal measures to take down misleading websites that attempt to look official, identifying and cancelling orders placed by unauthorized resellers, and our ongoing efforts to educate the public to the dangers of purchasing from brokers and the secondary ticket market.

Tickets for Dear Evan Hansen or any other Dallas Summer Musicals event purchased on a secondary site cannot be guaranteed. 


[bs_citem title=”Can I get on a waiting list for tickets?” id=”citem_9f8b-2368″ parent=”collapse_434f-eeaf”]

There is no waiting list for Dear Evan Hansen tickets.


[bs_citem title=”Are group sales available for Dear Evan Hansen?” id=”citem_85f9-3c3a” parent=”collapse_434f-eeaf”]

Group sales are no longer available for Dear Evan Hansen.


[bs_citem title=”Will there be discounts for Dear Evan Hansen in Dallas?” id=”citem_22c1-a402″ parent=”collapse_434f-eeaf”]

Student discounts and group sales are no longer available for Dear Evan Hansen.


[bs_citem title=”What if I can’t attend my purchased performance?” id=”citem_3ded-ae09″ parent=”collapse_434f-eeaf”]

Since all sales are final, we are unable to offer refunds. Be sure to check the following information before completing your purchase: show title, day, date, time of performance, and the number of tickets.


[bs_citem title=”Will there be an ASL or CLOSED CAPTIONED performance for Dear Evan Hansen?” id=”citem_c65e-edfc” parent=”collapse_434f-eeaf”]

For information about Dallas Summer Musicals’ commitment to making our performances and facilities available to all of our patrons, please visit