Day Two: Broadway League/ATPAM Diversity Initiative

Posted on October 18th, 2013

This was a day FULL of interviews. I shadowed Gregory Hanoian who is the publicist for this tour of Disney’s THE LION KING. He had flown out a TV personality to shoot some material for THE LION KING’S upcoming shows in Arizona.

With my background in Communications, the job of a publicist is very appealing to me. I love well planned schedules that are full of excitement, and that describes how the day went…full and exciting. Gregory said that with a show as diverse as THE LION KING there were a number of interviews he could have set up. There are so many angles to this show, that even when it returns to a city (like Dallas) for the second or third time it can still create a buzz.

Thanks to Destry Jetton of Channel 12 News in Arizona for letting me watch all of her interviews take place.

FUN FACT: Nia Holloway, who plays Nala, is only 18! As a senior in high school, Nia travels with a private tutor so she can complete her studies.

-DSM Erika