Day Three: Broadway League/ATPAM Diversity Initiative

Posted on October 18th, 2013

Another loooong but rewarding day!

It all started with the annual Road Market Forum with The Broadway League. As an intern for the League, I was invited to attend.

It was a day filled with power points and new faces. I learned about geo fencing, the correct way to email advertise, and heard several big ideas brainstormed. Who knows. Maybe one day, I’ll be back at this Forum not as an intern but as an employee and contributor.

After the Forum closed, I rushed back stage to meet with Production Stage Manager, Ken Davis, and his crew. I shadowed them backstage as they performed their cues for moving set pieces, overseeing quick changes, and all other technical sides to the show. There is always something going on backstage and it takes a lot of stage hands and dressers to make sure that the show runs smoothly. You definitely need to be quick on your toes as a stage hand and always alert or you might get run over by Pride Rock.

FUN FACT: THE LION KING always has six South Africans cast in the show. This ensures that the dialect used by the character Rafiki as well as several musical numbers are authentic.

-DSM Erika