Audience quotes from MARY POPPINS

Posted on October 19th, 2009

If I could, I would try to explain exactly how much people we’re blown out of the water by MARY POPPINS… then I though, “why not simply let the people themselves tell everyone?”


“Mary Poppins was a great experience. The set and special effects were unbelievable. The cast was outstanding. It was an unforgettable experience.”


“This being my first time to see the stage musical, I was unsure what to expect. The story was unique! The sets were amazing! The acting, dancing, and singing were phenomenal! I truly felt transported to another world!”


“Mary Poppins was an unforgettable experience. The performance was well polished, enchanting, and deserving of a standing ovation! I enjoyed every moment!”


“Took my daughter for a birthday gift. It was amazing, wonderful and magical all wrapped up in one. Ashley Brown was beyond good as Mary Poppins. My daughter and I haven’t stopped singing the songs since we stood up to go home!!”


“Quite possibly the best musical I have seen in my life, and I have seen quite a few! The costumes, sets and special effects drew me right in, and the voices were consistently beautiful, even the children’s voices. Altogether a wonderful evening’s entertainment.”


“This was a truly magical production! We’ve seen many great musicals over the years — this was one of our absolute favorites. If you have children (or even if you don’t), do not miss this show. Absolutely magical.”


“The whole production of Mary Poppins was outstanding. My husband and I had seats way over on the right side of the theater but could still enjoy everything.All the preformers had wonderful voices, and the children were excepttional. I would love to see it again. It was fun, fun , fun”


“I heard Mary Poppins was coming to DSM and it’s my mother’s favorite movie! I bought the tickets and surprised her with the show. The story line was a bit different from the movie but moved along well. All the important songs were there and sung beautifully! Great, gorgeous cast! ”


“Amazing sets and dancing!”


“We were blown away by the quality and creativity in every area–singing, acting, choreography, lighting, stage and props, costumes, backdrops, special effects…..each area was a delight in its own. After many, many musicals, this was simple the best.”


“WOW! Great show with outstanding sets and acting! The singing was beautiful!”


“This was a wonderfully orchestrated event with talent that surpasses most that I have seen in the past. Mary Poppins has an amazing resemblance to Julie Andrews vocally. This is a wonderful event for children and adults alike.”


“Slightly different than the movie – and in a very good way. The house opens up like a doll-house – awesome. The choreography for Supercalif…. and Step in Time was delightful. Mary Poppins and Bert are amazing performers and so well supported by the rest of the cast. And, i think i was present with the most participatory Dallas audience ever. They clapped along, sang, sighed, and it was all wonderful.”


“Wonderful musical. Took 5 yr old grandson, maybe a little too young, but by the time it was over, he was captivated and loved it. Casting is perfect, those kids amazing. Such a fun, and uplifting story about the importance of family.”


“It was Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The special effects were stunning.”


“Must see! Wonderful acting and singing! Amazing sets, costumes and lighting. Funny! And some great special tricks! Seen it twice, would go again if I could!”


“Took the whole family and everyone loved it. They did a great job of doing all the favorite songs from the movie, and they also added new elements that made it exciting and fresh.”


“Absolutely amazing! We thoroughly enjoyed every single minute!”


“I picked this play due to the fact that my wife loves Disney cartoons. I also did like Mary Poppins growing up as a kid. It was a great play from start to finish. I am still trying to figure out how they got all those items in her bag.”


“The singing and dancing was great. There were two favorite moments, the items that she pulled out of her bag and the end where she went up through the crowd and up through the whole in the ceiling. GREAT EXIT!!!!!.”


“The tickets were purchased for daughter, granddaughters and great granddaughter and was a hit. The ages ranged from 4year old to 50 years old and a wonderful time was had by all. ”


“I took my husband, my son (6months old), my two daughters 3 1/2 yrs., and 2 yrs. old, and it was an absolute THRILL for all of us!!! We are all fans of the movie, but were excited to see them in person. What a wonderful job. The entire experience was great, the ushers were wonderful, the vendors, everyone! Thank you for a wonderful experience. WE will be back next year for sure!!!”


“Mary Poppins was the most fun I have had in a long time. What a fun event to go see with family and friends of all ages. I am ready to go see it again!”


“The whole cast and crew did an amazing job of bringing one of my favorite musicals to the stage. As a former actor and techie, I was left questioning myself how some of the technical tricks were done. Regardless, this show–even on stage is full of mystery and magic. GREAT JOB TO EVERYONE.”


“Don’t miss this fabulous musical. It was wonderful. Can’t wait for Little House on the Prairie with Melissa Gilbert playing Ma coming next May.”


“We’ve seen several shows this season at the DSM, but this by far was the best! It was truly magical!”


“Starting with very comfortable seats to outstanding sound and fantastic performances by each of the cast member this show is certainly a can’t miss!”


“The show was amazing, I loved all the music and new spin on the movie scenes. Mary Poppins is a must see for anyone who loves musicals.”


“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I booked our tickets. Knew the Disney Movie and all the songs – and went for an evening of entertainment. What we got was so much more! Songs. Dancing. Glorious voices. Sets that knocked my socks off and dazzled me with every set change and special effects. The entire evening was magic! Disney is the master of production.”


“This was one of the best performances I’ve ever been too. The talent of the performers and special effects were top notch. It’s a great family event that deserves to be seen by the masses. I would recomend it to anyone and everyone. If you’ve seen Disney’s Mary Poppins, you must see this musical. It will take you more in depth into the world of Mary Poppins. It is a must see!”


“This was a great show. I had read so much about Mary flying over the audience, but nothing was said about the tap dance around the room by the Sweep. That was absolutely amazing. How did you do it. I am so grateful for the 4 for $99 special which enabled me to purchase tickets. My granddaughter, daughter-in-law, and myself really enjoyed it. Thank you!”