All In A Day's Work – Day 4

Posted on June 24th, 2012

Good afternoon DSM Fans!

Day 4 in New York City for Emily & Michael was yesterday, and what a nerve-racking day they both had! Please see below for pictures and their comments about their third day!

FROM EMILY: Today was crazy. Right off the bat we had to sing our solos in front of everyone and they went well! Here’s a picture of Michael singing his amazing solo in front of everyone!

After watching 60 amazingly talented kids we all split up to work on medleys. We then ended the day with dance rehearsal. Excited and nervous for the judges tomorrow!

FROM MICHAEL: Today was nerve-racking, but less taxing. We started the day with all 60 contestants singing their solo in front of everyone to practice before the judges see it tomorrow. I caught a picture of Emily singing her solo. She nailed it!

After watching everyone’s solos, we all broke into our medley groups to fine to the new choreography. Then as the day closes, I had to grab a picture of the Empire State Building. 🙂

Today is Day 5 for Michael, Emily, and the other ladies and gents who are competing in the National HSMTA! Tomorrow is The Jimmys, and they are going to have a fun filled day of rehearsal for the show today, and most importantly, they perform their solos in front of the judges this afternoon. I’m excited to hear about their day today – check back here tomorrow for our next update! Want to get the blog even faster? Subscribe to/follow our blog to get updates as we post them! Just enter your email address to the right & don’t forget to confirm it via an email we’ll send to you!

Have a great Sunday!

-DSM Amanda