All In A Day's Work – Day 3

Posted on June 23rd, 2012

Good morning DSM Fans!

Day 3 in New York City for Emily & Michael was yesterday, and what a hard working day they both had! Please see below for pictures and their comments about their third day!

FROM EMILY: Today we got up early again and ate breakfast and then went on rehearsing the opening number! We then split up into our coaching groups again and worked on our songs. Liz Callaway even sang a song from Anastasia for us. She sounded absolutely stunning!

We worked on our solos and then staged our medley numbers. Mine is filled with characters that all stand for girl power which I thought was really cool. Next at lunch we had a truly special guest: Christian Borle who just won a tony for “Peter and the Starcatchers”‘!!! He also stars on the hit TV series Smash!! He answered all of our questions about the business and was so down to Earth and funny!! He even took pictures with us!!

After lunch we rehearsed even more and then participated in a dress parade where we tried on our costumes for the directors.

To end the day, we had about a three hour dance rehearsal and just as we were finishing up, Michael Feinstein walked in and played some Gershwin music which was really cool for me since some of it was from Crazy for You. Had a great busy day today! Excited for tomorrow!!!

FROM MICHAEL: Today was pretty intense. We worked with our solo coaches for a total of 7 hours today to perfect our solos. But, it was also rewarding because we got to meet Christian Borle and Michael Feinstein!

Today is Day 4 for Michael, Emily, and the other ladies and gents who are competing in the National HSMTA! Today will be just as difficult and demanding as yesterday, so they’re in for a long day! I’m excited to hear about their day today – check back here tomorrow for our next update! Want to get the blog even faster? Subscribe to/follow our blog to get updates as we post them! Just enter your email address to the right & don’t forget to confirm it via an email we’ll send to you!

Have a great Saturday!

-DSM Amanda