A Real Story from a DSM Subscriber!

Posted on March 6th, 2013

Good afternoon everyone!

Though CATCH ME IF YOU CAN has come and gone,  I couldn’t help but share this story with you.

I received an email from one of our awesome DSM Subscribers about her REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE with the REAL FRANK ABAGNALE, JR.! (For her protection, I have not listed her name.) A special thank you to her for sharing this story with us!

My husband and I were in SHOCK and AWE over how much we enjoyed this musical!  For our anniversary, my husband told me he would take me to see “Catch Me If You Can,” since he knew I have a direct connection to the play.  I was one of the co-eds Frank Abagnale “interviewed” back in the early 70s on the campus of Arizona State University.  He had posted flyers on campus that Pan Am was interviewing for stewardesses.  I set up an appointment, and met Frank in one of the buildings on campus for the interview.  When I found out I was going to go for an interview on campus, I contacted Pan Am and requested an official stewardess application, so I could go to my interview looking very professional.  Pan Am mailed the application to me, and I brought it to my interview all filled out with a picture attached.  The “captain” who interviewed me, (Frank), seemed VERY concerned as to WHERE I got this application form.  I remember that I thought it odd that his focus was on my application form, and NOT what my qualifications were.  I must have convinced him that my getting the form was pretty innocent. Not long after the interview, he called to tell me I had gotten the job.  I was so excited, and told my family and friends right away.  Frank came over to my dorm to give me the news directly, then asked me for dinner. He was wearing a Hawaiian shirt and khakis, which I also thought was a little odd.  I had prior commitments, and couldn’t go out, but he said he’d be back in touch.  Since in my mind I was going to be a stewardess, I kept contacting Pan Am to ask when and where I should report.  I kept getting the “run around,” and couldn’t understand why I couldn’t get a straight answer.  I finally got a letter from Pan Am about the fraud, and that Frank had been caught in Marietta, GA.  I was SO disappointed, and never did become a stewardess after all that!  My mom and I were flabbergasted when the book came out with the full story, (even though the book says the interviews were at the U. of AZ, instead of A.S.U.) I can’t help but think what would have happened to me if I had agreed to go to that dinner with him!!! WOW…I was that close!

Hope you enjoyed her story as much as I did!

Have a wonderful day!

-DSM Amanda