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[bs_citem title=”Is my membership donation tax-deductible?” id=”citem_7325-4ae3″ parent=”collapse_7df4-d690″]

Yes, but you cannot deduct the fair market value of goods and services you receive as part of your benefits.  The Development team will send you a tax letter outlining the deductible portion of your donation. A general donation which is NOT for a CenterStage membership is fully tax-deductible.


[bs_citem title=”When will I receive my tax letter and details regarding my benefits?” id=”citem_130b-ad1e” parent=”collapse_7df4-d690″]

The Development team will send your tax letter within two weeks of receipt of your donation along with your benefits package – unless you are donating for an upcoming season.  If so, your benefits and tax letter will be mailed a month before the new season.  If you are attending a performance within that time frame, please contact the Development office at 214-205-7854 (*temporary line).


[bs_citem title=”How long is my CenterStage membership?” id=”citem_8d0a-78d1″ parent=”collapse_7df4-d690″]

Your membership runs for 12 months from the date that you make your donation and you may enjoy your benefits immediately.  You will receive a renewal letter near the end of your membership period so that you may renew without a break in your membership status.  The tangible benefits, such as parking passes and food and beverage tickets, expire at the end of every season.


[bs_citem title=”May I make my donation in installments?” id=”citem_cf8e-b92b” parent=”collapse_7df4-d690″]

Yes.  We will need to take your initial payment today and we will then process your payments on your card in equal monthly installments.


[bs_citem title=”Does my donation to Producers’ Circle apply to my CenterStage membership?” id=”citem_5576-a1ff” parent=”collapse_7df4-d690″]

Yes.  If you are purchasing a subscription in Producers’ Circle, you will have access to the benefits equivalent to your giving level (i.e. 2 subs = $500 total donation).


[bs_citem title=”May I upgrade my membership and apply my Producers’ Circle donation to the amount?” id=”citem_7713-e4e0″ parent=”collapse_7df4-d690″]

Yes.  If you would like to receive benefits at a higher level than the total gift included in your Producers’ Circle donation, you may upgrade your membership by adding an additional donation to your order (i.e. 2 subs = $500 total donation + $500 = $1,000 Shimmering Star membership).

[bs_citem title=”May I make my donation with a check, EFT or stock transfer?” id=”citem_6119-ebc1″ parent=”collapse_7df4-d690″]
Yes.  For a check donation, please mail gift, care of Development Department, to Dallas Summer Musicals, 909 1st Ave., Dallas, Texas 75210.  For EFT or stock transfer, please contact CenterStage@DallasSummerMusicals.org or 214.205.7854 (*temporary line).

[bs_citem title=”May I make my donation through a Donor Advised Fund?” id=”citem_6119-ebc1″ parent=”collapse_7df4-d690″]
Yes.  We will gladly accept gifts through Donor Advised Funds (DAF’s).  However, please note that gifts made through DAF’s are not eligible for benefits due to IRS restrictions.  If you wish to receive benefits, please contact the Development Department at 214.205.7854 (*temporary line) to learn the Fair Market Value associated with your giving level.


[bs_citem title=”Do I get VIP parking and what are the details?” id=”citem_6119-ebc1″ parent=”collapse_7df4-d690″]

  • CenterStage parking passes are reserved for CenterStage members only and are non-transferable and non-replaceable.
  • The parking colors for the 2019-2020 season are as follows:
    • Pink – Reserved self-parking in the lower lot
    • White – Reserved VIP parking in the upper lot (availability in upper lot based on a first come, first serve basis – overflow in the lower lot is guaranteed)
    • Black – First Class parking guaranteed in the upper lot
  • Parking passes will be distributed prior to the season’s first performance along with all other benefits.
  • Parking passes are good for the Music Hall at Fair Park only. 
  • Parking passes are strictly limited to one per household subscription order or one per CenterStage household donation, whichever is applicable.
  • For inventory and quality control purposes, parking passes are non-replaceable – no exceptions.
  • Please note that if you have multiple households combined into one household subscription order, you will only receive one parking pass.
  • With the influx of additional subscribers and single ticket buyers, Dallas Summer Musicals is required to limit the number of parking passes that are distributed. With you in mind, Dallas Summer Musicals aims to ensure your parking experience is as expeditious and as seamless as possible.


[bs_citem title=”Where is my VIP Parking located?” id=”citem_bc4d-c654″ parent=”collapse_7df4-d690″]

You will receive a hang tag for your car with a color-coded star on the tag.   You will enter Fair Park through gate 5 and there will be signage directing you to your location.  The CenterStage Parking location is closest to the building.


[bs_citem title=”Do I need to make a reservation in advance with Crystal Terrace?” id=”citem_250d-e0a6″ parent=”collapse_7df4-d690″]

Sometimes we are able to accommodate walk-ups but it is recommended that you make a reservation in advance, particularly when you are attending one of our more popular performances.  You may call 214-413-3940 to make reservations. Visit musichalldining.com for details.



Dallas Summer Musicals a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation and all CenterStage contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

  • CenterStage benefits are subject to availability and may change without notice. 
  • CenterStage members may choose to decline all benefits if they wish. 
  • CenterStage benefits are non-transferable.